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make-up artist/ esthetician


I was born and raise in Texas City, Texas and made Dallas my home in 2010. I am a very creative makeup artist who lives and work in the Dallas and Fort worth area.

Let me tell you a little bit about myself, I graduated from Christine Valmy Institute of Cosmotogy, in Houston Texas 1993 that is when I became an Esthetician / makeup artist.

After graduation I started my career in Galveston Tx. at my salon from 1994-2008.

In the beginning I did mostly skincare but I always wanted to do work like Joe Blasco he was known for doing makeup for horror movies , yes I know that is a whole different kind of makeup, but as time went by my interest change as I started doing more and more makeup applications, then one day I was hired to do a wedding party and after that is when I knew I was hooked.

As the years went by I got all into theatrical makeup which was fun, I love the bright and vivid colors you can use in theaters loved the experience and the costumes

Skincare and makeup is my passion and I thrive to be better every day, in this business nothing stays the same always something new. I constantly take on line course in skincare and makeup to keep up with new product and the latest trends.

Around 1995 I started working with photographers in Galveston and Houston this is when I really learned how to contour and highlighting the face.

My work didn’t go unnoticed one of the owners of an Armstrong McCall store loved my work and ask me if I would consider being an educator for them , I jumped at the chance so I became part of the Educational team for Gerda Spillmann products from 1999 thru 1999, this was a great and educational experience for me they flew me all around Texas and Louisiana to do educational workshops and platform work at hair shows and salons, I got over my stage fright real quick.

 I stayed busy working and learning during my first 10 years in this profession but I wouldn’t change anything this is what made me the makeup artist I am today I learned a lot about makeup and special techniques the years of working hard help me polished my skills to be a successful makeup artist. I love what I do, they say if you love what you do you will never work a day in your life and it is so true .

Well to make a long story short I now specialize in bridal makeup and I still use Gerda spillman foundation on my clients to me it is one of the best product on the market. it is a natural moisturizing foundation which provide smooth, sheer and complete coverage, It does not clog pores, allowing the skin to breath it becomes a water proof shield against the harmful elements of our environment. this foundation will stay on all day and is great for outdoor photo shoots.

Thank you for taking the time to read a little bit about me.

Have a great day

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